SCUBA Diving Prices

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Valid from 01.01.2019. Prices are subject to change without prior notification. Price includes VAT.

Official currency in Croatia is HRK. Exchange rate is approx. 7,4 HRK=1 Eur.

Single Dive (tanks and weights only) 330 HRK
Full Equipment Rental (Torch and dive computer not included)

165 HRK/dive 

250 HRK/day

Scuba Update Program (Dive Theory, 1 shore dive plus 1 Boat Dive)* 880 HRK 
Check Dive (Shore Dive plus skill presentation, full equipment included)*  415 HRK 
Shore Dive – full equipment included 415 HRK
Discover Scuba Diving – Your first experience!
Discover Scuba Diving First Divealways in Sirena Bay (1 dive)  580 HRK 
Discover Scuba Diving Second Dive – Sirena Bay, skill practice (2 dives)  825 HRK 
Discover Scuba Diving Boat DiveOpen Water Dive from the boat (2 dives)  900 HRK 
Night Divefrom min. 3 person  750 HRK 
Private Dive/person/divefrom min. 2 person  825 HRK
Passenger on boatin case of free seat  250 HRK
Discounts – non applicable on equipment rental
2 days diving package2 dives/day  5%
3 days diving package2 dives/day 8%
from 4 days diving package2 dives/day 12%
Family discountfrom 4 person  5%
Group discountfrom 6 person  10%
Early booking discount3 month prior to booked period on the full amount 5%
Dive Professional  5%
Maximum discountonly for large diver groups 20%
Snorkeling Excursions
Half – day snorkeling (equipment, boat, snorkeling instructor included) 450 HRK
Full – day snorkeling (equipment, boat, snorkeling instructor included) 900 HRK
SEABOB rental for snorkeling excursion (equipment, boat, snorkeling instructor and SEABOB included) extra 750 HRK
SEABIKE rental for snorkeling excursion (equipment, boat, snorkeling instructor and SEABIKE included) extra 500 HRK
Freediving Excursions
Try Freediving (half – day) 630 HRK
Single freediving trip for certified freedivers 375 HRK
SSI Freediving Level 1 Course (certification course) 1575 HRK
Equipment rental
Dive cylinder filling with compressed air  8 HRK/liter
Full equipment for non-guided dive**  750 HRK/dive
Dive Computer, BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Dive Torch  75 HRK/dive
Fins, Mask  40 HRK/dive
ABC set (mask, snorkel, fins)  150 HRK/day
SEABOB rental  1500 HRK/day
SEABIKE rental 750 HRK/day
Diving Courses – Learning material not included***
Scuba Diver Courselogbook, full equipment included 2150 HRK
Open Water Diver Courselogbook, full equipment included 3100 HRK
Open Water Referral Courselogbook, full equipment included 2250 HRK
Adventure Divesequipment not included 600 HRK
Advanced Open Water Diver Courseequipment not included 2250 HRK
Rescue Diver Courseequipment not included 2500 HRK
Dive Master Courseequipment not included 5600 HRK
Single Certification 450 HRK
Diving for Handicapped People – International Association of Handicapped Divers

Learning material included all courses

IAHD Introductory Dive 415 HRK
IAHD Confined Water Diver Course 2250 HRK
IAHD Open Water Diver Course 3200 HRK
IAHD Open Water Diver Referral Course 2250 HRK
IAHD Dive Partner Course 2450 HRK
IAHD Surface Support Specialist Course 750 HRK

**Full equipment rental for non-guided dives available for those divers, who has valid Croatian dive permit and participates on our boat excursions.

***Note: Course prices do not include certification fees & learning material. Depending on your choice of school (PADI, SSI or IAHD) and the type of learning material (eLearning or offline digital pack), the price may vary from €90-175. For more details please email us on