Diving Schedule

Check Dive in Aqualis Diving Croatia:

Check dive is mandatory for those who have no logged dive in the previous 12 months and/or have no logbook to show. Check Dive is mandatory for those who have less than 25 dives and/or have no logged dive in the past 1 year and/or never dove in the Adriatic sea. The logbook is compulsory to show. Our check dive is a regular 50 minutes beach entry dive with focusing on your bouyancy while adapting to the cold water environment.

Schedule check dive: 09.00 AM

Diving theory with an Instructor09:00 AM
Skill dive from the shore09:40 AM
Open water dive from the boat11:00 AM or 14:00 PM

Boat Excursions:

Aqualis Diving Center Croatia conducts 2-3 boat dives per day (depending upon season) and night dives upon request (pending numbers). We choose different dive sites every day tailored the group’s experience.  For Aqualis Dive Center your safety is the first which is ensured by our highly qualified dive professional and onsite dive physician. Our regular schedule is as follows:

ExcursionShop ArrivalDepartureReturn
Morning boat∼ 8:30 AM∼ 9:00 AM∼ 11:00 AM
Afternoon boat∼ 11:00 AM∼ 11:30 AM∼ 1:30 PM
Late afternoon boat∼ 2:00 PM∼ 2:30 PM∼ 4:30 PM
Night diveSunset Sunset+ 1 hourSunset + 2 hours


Discover Scuba Diving:

At Aqualis Diving Center Croatia we provide several opportunities to discover the underwater world without possessing a diving certification. The first dive is always a training dive to practice basic skill which is needed to have a safe and fun experience. It takes place in our bay in a maximum of 6-meter deep water. A second shore dive is recommended for those who would like to practice more before signing up for boat diving. The boat dive goes to a colorful wall where the maximum depth is 12 meters. We organize the boat dive on request after the successful completion of the beach dive based on the dive instructor’s justification.

ExcursionShop ArrivalDepartureReturn
First DSD Dive∼ 12:00 AM∼ 12:45 AM∼ 1:30 PM
Second Shore Dive∼ 3:00 PM∼ 3:45 PM∼ 4:30 PM
Boat DSD Dive∼ 2:00 PM∼ 2:30 PM∼ 4:30 PM