Booking and cancellation policy

Booking: Request Booking

Once you receive a confirmation of payment, your reservation is guaranteed. In order to maintain our commitment to all of our guests, Aqualis Dive Center Hvar Croatia operates as follows:

Dives – For Internet bookings a deposit of 30% per dive trip, per diver required to make a booking – full amount due prior to first dives. 

For group or family bookings (4+ pax) and for private trips – 30% deposit is required on booking – full amount due 15 days before arrival.

NOTE: For shop bookings the full amount is required to make a booking!

For multiple dive packages, all dives are to be paid for in full prior to diving on the first day of the dives

Bookings made 3 months in advance will receive a 5% early booking discount.

There is a maximum discount of 20% for dive clubs and groups above 10 people in case of purchasing at least 3 days diving package.

For special offers and off-season requests, do not hesitate to contact us.

We accept PayPal, Bank Transfer or Visa, Mastercard and Cash on arrival.


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Cancellations and changes policy:

If you cancel your dives/package, for whatever reason, the cancellation policy is as follows:

Should you choose to cancel your booking, the deposit is not refundable 15 days prior to arrival. Aqualis Diving Center Hvar Croatia will refund 30% of your deposit for cancellations made between 16 days and 29 days. Aqualis Diving Center Hvar Croatia will refund 65% of your deposit for cancellations made between 30 days and 3 months. Cancellations made 3 months prior to arrival are fully refundable.

Full payments of family and group booking are not refundable 15 days prior to arrival. For any other period of cancellations the above rule applies.

*A no-show for whatever reason, including but not limited to flight delays, being late, hangovers, or just not getting out of bed will mean loss of payment for the full amount. 

For guided dives, you may change the date of your reservation for free if you advise us more than 48 hours before the dive date and alternative dates are available. We do not allow swapping booked dives from one person to another.

If you cannot complete scheduled dives due to ill health, there will be no refund. If we have space available and can arrange new dive dates to finish your dives, we will happily move your dive dates. If you require a letter for travel insurance purposes to claim the value of these dives we are happy to oblige. As we said, all changes are subject to availability.

For divers that have not been diving for over 6 months, we require that you book a refresher course before your dives. If you do not book a refresher and our divemasters/instructors believe safety is an issue you will not be allowed to enter the water.

Our guided dives are guided by a dive professional. This dive leader is not there to compensate for divers who have been poorly trained or are incapable of diving due to lack of knowledge, or who have fitness issues. If you believe you need special help, book an instructor-led experience instead.

Dive Destinations, Tour schedule is subject to change without any prior notice in accordance with weather conditions for your safety. Aqualis Dive Center cannot be held responsible for adverse unforeseen weather conditions, involving rough seas and poor visibility.

Waiver of Liability
All divers must read, fill out, and sign a copy of the Travel and Excursions Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement before diving services can be provided. Please review the contract with legal counsel and family members prior to booking. You can complete and e – sign the Travel and Excursions Liability Release and Assumption of Risk agreement online. Additional waivers may be required for those divers undergoing training, depending on the course requirements imposed by PADI or SSI.

Divers Certification and Equipment
Only certified divers may participate in scuba diving activities unless they are enrolled in a scuba training program and under the direct supervision of their certified Instructor. All scuba divers must accept full and complete responsibility for themselves, their actions, and their equipment.

Divers may elect to use their own gear, or arrange to use our equipment. Regardless, divers must inspect their gear prior to each and every dive, and they must be responsible for the proper functioning of that gear. In addition, divers must have a dive plan that addresses the issue of possible in-water equipment failure. All divers should understand the fact that every piece of equipment is capable of failure, and they must be prepared to respond accordingly.

Responsibility and Liability
Aqualis Diving Center Hvar Croatia, its officers, employees, agents, and contractors are not responsible or liable for any injury, loss, accident, damage, delay, omission, irregularity, or nonperformance occurring in connection with these arrangements. The client understands and accepts all risks associated with any and all activities, including both land-based and water activities, air travel, car travel, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, freediving, and boating. Divers acting irresponsibly can have an adverse impact on their fellow divers and the diving community. As a result, we will not tolerate unsafe, illegal, or irresponsible behavior.

Aqualis Diving Center Hvar Croatia offers pickup service from the bus station of Hvar every day at a certain schedule or on request. The price for the van is 100 HRK. Pick-up from other locations can be discussed on request according to availability. Speedboat transfer to the dive center can be booked a day before. Our speedboat departs at 08:00 AM from the main Port of Hvar. The price for the speedboat is 200 HRK. Both the van and speedboat can accommodate 8 people at a time.

Lost or damaged gear
In case of lost or damaged gear through irresponsible or inappropriate use through our customers, we will charge a wholesale price of damaged/lost items.

Insurance policy

Aqualis Dive Center Hvar Liability Insurance: The Dive Center is covered with all obligatory (by the local law) and voluntarily chosen insurances, which are covering the passengers on the boat and the divers underwater for death and invalidity outcome accidents. Our dive professionals have an obligation to possess Professional insurance.

Aqualis Dive Center Hvar highly recommends to have your own dive and travel insurance. We co-operate with two reliable Insurance providers who have special diving products, which covers:

  • Diving in your home country and abroad
  • Unlimited hyperbaric chamber treatments
  • Unlimited Medical and emergency evacuation expenses
  • Unlimited medical expenses while recuperating at home following a diving accident
  • Direct payment to service providers
  • Medical repatriation
  • Medical oversight of all accidents
  • Extra flight and accommodation expenses following a diving accident
  • Comprehensive travel assistance

Please feel free to use our DiveAssure link (recreational and technical diving) or our AquaMed link (recreational diving, family package) to create Your own insurance program.