Aquadventure Freediving

Aqualis Dive Center opens a new door to enter the underwater world. If you are looking for a serious introduction to underwater sports you don’t need to look any further. Free diving skills teach you to listen to your body and be able to dive on a single breath-hold, which is one of the most natural human reflex. This introductory course is building the foundation on relaxation and special breathing techniques which leads you through static apnea (breath-hold exercise) to constant weight apnea (descending and ascending with fins). The highlight of the introductory course is to attempt a five meter dive on one breath and if you feel up it and the conditions allow to visit an underwater cave and do a photo session to capture the freedom of diving.

Meeting point: Dive Center at 13:00, tour returns at 18:00. From the Dive Center we are heading to our Free diving Base located in Vela Garska Bay and we spend the whole excursion there.

Requirements: participants must be competent swimmers and be at least 12 years old.

If you are not quite ready to jump into free diving we recommend that you join our morning snorkeling tour to get more comfortable in the water.

The tour includes speedboat and/or kayak transfer, professional free diving equipment,  refreshments,  and professional free diving Instructor. 

The tour operates with a minimum of 2 participants and maximum of 8. For larger groups or solo travellers, please check availability.

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