Snorkeling and freediving

Get ready to enter a world of freedom and peace like you have never experienced!

Aqualis Dive Center is giving the opportunity to discover underwater world with just one breath. Whether you have experience in water activities or just getting started we make sure that you will learn the skills to have a fun and safe time.

During our Aquadventure programs we will prepare you for basic snorkeling to freedive up to 5 meters depending on your interest. We can take you out for half or a whole day program. The half day snorkeling program is all about discovering the Adriatic Sea and learning snorkeling skills. The half day free diving program is focusing on relaxation and fun using yoga breathing techniques and basic freediving knowledge. And, if you want to push your limits, discover the underwater world on a single breath-hold, diving up to 5 meters and, if conditions permit, visit an underwater cave. 

Why we’re different : our programs include a dedicated professional snorkel and free dive instructor, lecture session and professional quality gear (mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, weights). Our instructor will teach you the proper use of your equipment and snorkeling or freediving physiology and techniques. You will also learn about Adriatic sealife, ecology and history of the Pakleni Islands.

For more information visit our Snorkeling Excursion or Freediving Excursion description.