Are you ready for a new adventure? You can drive SEABOB in Hvar Diving.

It is all about leisurely gliding. Sporty driving in the water. Safe diving under water. All this is possible with a SEABOB. Now you can actually move through the water like a fish. Freely, both on the surface and at depth.

A SEABOB offers all-round high-performance. Its hydrodynamic shape provides for an astounding degree of agility in the water. Steering and diving could not be easier – all it requires is for the pilot to shift his bodyweight.

Whether you are cruising, zipping through the water or diving. The SEABOB will glide along powerfully with you aboard. Feel the awe-inspiring manoeuvrability and the new-found desire for water which will never relinquish its hold on you again.

You can use it for snorkeling and diving as well. Both activities include a professional to guide you.

Impressive diving depths of up to 40 metres can be programmed to suit individual requirements via the on-board electronics. A safety cut-off feature reliably ensures that the selected diving depth is not exceeded. Dive into the fascinating underwater world.

All is possible in Podstine Bay!

Call Us on +385916205847 to book your SEABOB or visit us in our Watersports Center.

Driving time:  10 minutes or 20 minutes

Price: 150 HRK/10 minutes or 250 HRK/20 minutes