How to find Hvar Diving Center?

Hvar Diving is just a short walk from the city centre! There are two ways of getting to us:


  • The Scenic Route (25-30 mins)
  1. Follow Hvar’s picturesque coastline away from town in a westerly direction; on the way you will see both the Amfora Hotel and the Hula Hula Beach Bar.
  2. After passing Hula Hula (~200m), you will find a narrow, but short, winding set of stairs… take these and the subsequent set to the road at the top of the hill. Turn left and walk towards the Podstine Hotel.
  3. If you’re in the right place, you will shortly see a lovely enclosed bay with a wooden pier (and possibly the Dive Boat).
  4. Take the stairs leading downwards to our store.
  • The Direct Route (15-20 mins)
  1. Take the steps upwards to an internal old town pathway, decorated with historic style street lamps. Turn left (westerly direction) and follow this pathway, which becomes slightly steeper after passing the church.
  2. Follow this path to its end, take the road around to the right and then immediately to the left (away from signs directing you to the Fortress).
  3. Follow the road past the hospital and the Amfora Hotel until reaching the Studenac Supermarket. Take the stairs downwards and continue down the hill for ~50m.
  4. You will find the road to the Podstine Hotel (Put Podstine) on the right-hand side. Directions are now the same as steps (3) and (4) above.




(The Scenic Route: 25-30 mins)

(The Direct Route: 15-20 mins)