Diving Schedule

Check Dive in Hvar Diving Croatia:

Check dive is mandatory for those who has no logged dive in the previous 6 month and/or has no logbook to show.

Schedule check dive: 10 AM

Scuba Update Program:

Scuba update is mandatory for those who has less than 25 dives and/or has no logged dive in the past 1 year and/or never dove in the Adriatic sea. Logbook is compulsory to show. Who has no logbook needs to do a check dive.

Diving theory with an Instructor 10 AM
Skill dive from the shore 10:30 AM
Open water dive from the boat 13:00 PM or 15:30 PM

Boat Excursions:

Hvar Diving Center Croatia conducts 2-3 boat dives per day (depending upon season) and night dives upon request (pending numbers). Our regular schedule is as follows:

Excursion Shop Arrival Departure Return
Morning boat ∼ 8:30 AM ∼ 9:00 AM ∼ 11:30 AM
Afternoon boat ∼ 12:30 PM ∼ 1:00 PM ∼ 3:30 PM
Late afternoon boat ∼ 3:30 PM ∼ 4:00 PM ∼ 6:00 PM
Night dive Sunset  Sunset+ 1 hour Sunset + 2 hours

The Boat Excursion Schedule is strictly observed. All other Schedules are the subject to change with prior notification.

Discover Scuba Diving:

In Hvar Diving Center Croatia we provide several opportunities to discover underwater world without possessing a diving certification. The first dive is always a training dive to practice basic skill which are needed to have a safe and fun experience. It takes place in our bay in maximum 5 meter deep water. A second shore dive is recommended for those who would like to practice more before signing up to boat diving. The boat dive goes to a colourful wall where the maximum depth is 12 meter.

Excursion Shop Arrival Departure Return
First DSD Dive ∼ 12:00 AM ∼ 12:45 AM ∼ 1:30 PM
Second Shore Dive ∼ 2:00 PM ∼ 2:45 PM ∼ 3:30 PM
Boat DSD Dive ∼ 3:30 PM ∼ 4:00 PM ∼ 6:00 PM