Dive Center Information

Boats and SCUBA cylinders:

Our 8 meter motorboat takes up to 12 divers with gear and is equipped with a convenient ladder platform which is designed for easy entry and exit of the water. We also have a 5,7 meter rubber boat when this type of craft is required, which accommodates up to 6 divers. Our boats carry all necessary emergency equipment and we have first rate rental equipment from MARES, BEUCHAT and CRESSI to ensure your diving pleasure. Our 400 liter/minute capacity “silent work” compressor allows us to fill our 12 and 15 liter steel takes quickly and safely. We can also fill tanks rated up to 300 bars.


Safety And Regulations:

  • In Croatia you may dive with a registered dive center or individually after buying a diving permit.
  • Dive instructors and dive masters working in Croatia should pass an official exam and obtain a Government license.
  • Each diver must present proof of qualification (certification card and/or a log book).
  • All divers must read and sign liability release.
  • Written parental / guardian consent is required for all divers under age 18.
  • Minimum age for participating in scuba diving is 14. 12-13 year old children may participate at the Instructor’s discretion.
  • In Hvar Diving – Viking Center all excursions are guided by experienced diving professionals.
  • If you are over 50 years of age you will need a doctor’s certificate to participate scuba diving activities.
  • All dives are planned within non-decompression limits and feature a 3 minute, 5 meter safety stop.
  • During all dive excursions a first aid kit, oxygen kit, mobile phone, radio-station and emergency contact numbers are always present.

Your safety and enjoyment are our first priority!

On Hvar Island emergency medical transport is primarily carried out by helicopter and we have a helicopter landing zone only 5 minutes from Hvar Diving – Viking Center. Flight time to Split by helicopter is approximately 10-15 minutes. The Split hospital is equipped with modern decompression chambers and staffed highly professional and experienced specialist doctors. In case of emergency our onsite Diving and Hyperbaric medical doctor can help.