Have you ever been thinking of SCUBA diving?! Come and feel the infinite world of freedom of what an underwater adventure can give you. Scuba diving offers an exploration experience unlike any other and the team at Hvar Diving Aqualis Croatia is your right choice (whether abled or disabled) – the only dive center located in Hvar Town Croatia founded as Viking Diving Hvar and took over by us in 2015!

We are Zsanett and Robert the owners of Aqualis Diving Center Hvar Croatia. We followed our lifelong passion and moved to Hvar Island from Hungary. Our dream came true when we took over Viking Diving Center Hvar.

After 4 years of operation we decided to move the dive center to a bigger and closer location to the Adriatic Sea and change to our own brand – Aqualis Dive Center Hvar.

Aqualis means ‘you belong to water’ in Latin which gives a unique meaning to our journey. Finally we choose Mala Garska Bay where the dive center is built only one step to the Adriatic Sea.

In addition to the beautiful view and exclusive appearance there is direct access to the boats and to the sea. Consequently it makes daily boat trips more comfortable. The access to shallow water and pool makes teaching PADI and SSI courses easy going. Try diving for non-certified adventurers have never been this easy and fun.

Not ready for SCUBA diving?! You can explore underwater world on our snorkeling and free diving excursions in Aqualis Diving Center Hvar, Croatia!

Need pick up? Call us for shuttle from the bus station of Hvar Town.

We live by the following maxim:

“There’s a world where fins replace feet and water replaces air, where weightlessness replaces gravity and currents replace breezes, where sea kelp replaces trees and ability replaces disability.”

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